Sleeping Policy

At Mamas Five Mile Childcare we recognise that each child is unique and comes to us with their own sleeping routine.  Teachers will endeavour to follow individual children’s rhythms and routines in a relaxed and familiar environment.

Mamas Childcare
Mamas Childcare


All children are provided with their own individual sleeping space and bed linen.

Their bed linen is washed and beds are aired regularly.

Sleep spaces are positive and peaceful to ensure undisturbed rest.

Adequate space is provided for children’s beds to ensure safety and hygiene.

A sound accurate monitoring system is held in place by teachers at all times.  There is a teacher present in the sleep space whenever possible.  Five-minute checks are carried out for sleeping children and records of sleep are maintained.

Teachers are guided by children’s individual rhythms, and routines are relaxed and unhurried.

Parents are encouraged to bring any special sleeping cuddlies/toys their child may have.

In accordance with government regulations children will not be put to bed with a bottle.

For reasons of cultural sensitivity, children are encouraged to not stand on bedding and/or pillows and children near each other are positioned head to head rather than head to feet.

If children are sleeping outdoors they are kept suitably warm.

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